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Hello New Friend. What can
I help you with ?

The MOST frequently asked questions..Seriously.

When I say frequent that is an understatement. Don’t be that person.


As clearly stated on booking pages, I will never accept a last minute client unless I have known you for years and have time it will not happen.. You are welcome to book in advance. A minimum of 24hrs notice is required. VIP Supreme Sessions must be booked at least one week in advance though two weeks prior would be best.

I do not run a revolving door 24/7 play space. Temper tantrums and/or vulgar language when you are refused, will simply be muted.


You may not have my address. I will not give out anything more than the general vicinity.

How nice of you to offer! However, I will have to decline. Since so many ask why..

1- We have a live in Maid and Butler whom we trust and adore. Do not ask me again.

2- Worship away! You are welcome to book a session with a minimum 24hr notice

3- If I want a massage I will ask my boyfriend. Thanks much.

HAHAHAHAHAHA.. only if i can lock you in an iron maiden and take photos of you for the entire session.

No deposit?  Then : No booking, no address, no session. No exceptions. Go elsewhere

Let’s be a little more specific..humor me. Available for what exactly? Phone call or text to discuss a possible session or perhaps you have questions but no answers here ? I might be..ask

Oh, did you mean for a session? Honestly, I am booked up the majority of the week. These people get the appointments because they book in advance, are polite and give off a good vibe. If by chance there is a cancellation I will take that time for myself.

Quality over quantity always. I turn away most potential clients the moment there is a red flag. Go elsewhere.


I have several mortgages and I love buying new latex and shoes..will you give me double my rate? I owe you nothing and vice versa. Go away. Thanks.

Rates vary for all sessions based on what you are looking to do. It’s all in the details! Minimum session time is one hour. You may book as many hours as you like as there is much more to offer here than jumping right into playtime.

The atmosphere is ideal for a “getting to know you” chat (this does not cut into your session time) and perhaps a cocktail. Give yourself some time to adjust’s a good thing. Most clients begin with two hours as time flies when you’re having fun.

You are welcome to call and discuss rates/details if initial text/email goes smoothly.

Sure we can talk on the phone stranger!! If you want to chat to get to know me, tell me all of your fantasies and fetishes, life etc.. no problem!! We can text too! Note that this is not phone sex. It’s strictly talk therapy or even a friend that actually listens and will not judge. You may call or text via **Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478  Ext. 11324451

The link is located on every page if that makes it easier

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